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What type of cardiac drug is digoxin or a drug that I should be on for some reason I don't know," Dye asked. "It's a digoxin type drugs, not drug that's used to keep blood glucose down." When doctors are faced with patients in their mid-40s who have had heart attacks (or other problems), it is not at all uncommon to ask questions about their diets. People who have heart disease are often told to change their diets. They usually are told to eat low-fat foods with less starch, and to limit foods high in fat, salt and sugar. Most patients have to their health tracked, but that is not something doctors can do on demand — they are not paid to do it. "You have to someone who will follow up," said Dye. When they are able to do that, patients are asked how much fat, or fat by percent, to eat, and how often they eat certain foods. Dye said he was told by one patient, when asking, that a serving of high-fat food like cream wheat or peanut butter a day was not problem. "The thing that was shocking to me there no discussion about what that patient did with those meals. No amount of education can really prepare you," he said. The question of obesity and fatness is at the center of Dye's research, and it has led him to develop some unusual ideas. In one recent analysis, he studied obese and normal weight people who took the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) exam in 1988. After 10 years, 82 percent of those who had a heart attack gained significant amount of excess weight, but only 25 percent of those who had not suffered from a heart attack. In addition, he looked at people who were healthy the time they took exam. They, too, reported on how much fat they consumed and how frequently ate certain foods, but they did not report on weight gain. "To me this says something about body weight, because there are two different approaches in there, but the end it says that we want a body weight that reflects how we are at the end of day, not at the beginning of day," Dye said. "We can do that if we just think about obesity as an underlying issue of fat distribution." Dye's ideas about weight and heart disease appear in the July issue of Journal American College Cardiology. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is Biggest Loser. It's been 12 years, the talk of every gym, high school campus and every barbell club in the world. But man who came up with the show and franchise has retired. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Dr.

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Digoxin is used for treating heart failure and slowing the heart rate in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation, a type of abnormal heart rhythm.

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Over generic cialis uk pharmacy the counter drugs for digoxin." That's a big deal, because digoxin is a drug for the treatment of heart attacks and strokes that is only slightly more potent than sodium thiopental—the "truth serum" used in the US, case you were wondering—and which can cost more than $1 billion a year. That's why, in the UK, there's only a two-year waiting list to apply for a prescription. So, in a move that's not at all in keeping with the UK Medical Association's code of conduct for doctors, it's now considered acceptable practice for a doctor to prescribe drugs that kill you and make people feel like crap, and you can't argue with them about it because they haven't gone mad. The British Medical Association's code states that doctors cannot "prescribe a lethal drug for disease." So, if a patient is dying of malaria, what should you prescribe to him? "In most circumstances, the use of drug, even if it is a lethal one, the best way to bring patient's condition under control." But digoxin is not a deadly drug. It's about as effective a bar of soap. You cannot overdose on it. And so, even a British doctor who has been forced to make this switch for her patients does so reluctantly. She's "in the process of removing all digoxin prescriptions" from the books—she says— "because practice is so distressing. We've not seen it in any UK hospital. We've not seen anything like it, really." She believes that it's the British Medical Association which, rather than generic drug for digoxin changing their code of conduct—if they had, it wouldn't be necessary to have the waiting list in first place—is responsible for the current situation in British doctors' offices. And, as we reported last year, Dr Chris Bhatia, a member of the BA's ethics committee, told us that doctors "don't use drugs kill people" and that we should be "very cautious… because sometimes, when people take these medications, at some point, they can lose consciousness. It's not an entirely satisfactory situation for the patient, but it's probably best way for them to end their suffering." So, as Bhatia told us, "the ethical and professional guidelines are there, but they're never actually followed." The British Medical Association does have a page on their website detailing how people should not die on its advice. But, at least as far we know, they don't require their members to follow them. As for the waiting lists, it's not their job. But they certainly generic for digoxin shouldn't be helping prevent doctors from prescribing them their deadly drugs. H/T Guardian | Photo by J.K. Riegert/Flickr (CC 2.0) About This project started with a simple idea. Why can't I just download an app like Twitter or Google.

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